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I'm Nathalia,
UX & UI Designer with a background in Industrial Design

I started in User-centered and product Design in 2012 as an Industrial Designer. After this experience, I switched to working full-time as an independent Graphic Designer and content creator.


I graduated from the Bootcamp at Ironhack Berlin program where I studied UX/UI Design in 2022. My first project was a website so I could expand my portfolio design skills. Since then, I've been designing products across all industries including healthcare, e-commerce, and food.


How I got started in UX & UI Design

First I started working as an Industrial Designer, which brought me my first user-centered design experience for a physical product.

I love to help businesses, organizations, and individuals create something amazing. My passion for UI and UX design started when I was in college studying Industrial Design where I got to meet the Design thinking principles for the first time. My love of creating user-centered designs in an empathetic innovative way is what drives every project I take on.

UX and UI is nothing more than making the solution that’s right for the people using it. The most important thing here is empathy, more empathy and one can simply create beautiful functional solutions with their eyes closed. 

What I've been working on 

What I'm curious about

As a designer and product architect, my role is to explore new ways of designing and building with the goal at hand being better products for people. I do user research, design thinking, user experience design, user interface design and prototyping before moving on to development or production.

I am a versatile, inquisitive researcher. I can take on any project, so long as there is an opportunity to learn and collaborate with fellow researchers and designers.

I am curious about the brain and how it works. My interests include philosophy, computer science, and psychology/brain science.

User research is the key to understanding, designing and building intuitive products.

My Skills

Hard Skills


Adobe Creative Suite

3D Max Studio

Language Skills

Spanish: Native speaker

English: Fluent

German: Fluent

Italian: Fluent

Soft Skills

Team player

Problem-solving designer

Time management efficiency

Communicating ideas


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