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Piñata Store - Web Design

This is a user research Design Project to learn how parents plan their events and order party supplies in a piñata store.

The challenge was to find a local business that did not have an online appearance for the sale of its products.

There is a store in Berlin, that sells party supplies and specializes in handcrafted piñatas for all kinds of events, especially Birthday parties for children but only have a physical store and no online appearance. 


Parents needed a more efficient way to acquire party supplies that could help them save time and achieve their party ideas successfully.



Creating an online shop with a clear logical categorization for party supplies, quick and easy payment options, and transparency on delivery status will most benefit busy parents to efficiently plan their events. It was validated by the increase in online sales.


A challenging two-week deadline for the creation of a webpage with branding Design.


Full user research with the use of quantitative and qualitative methods, affinity diagram, user persona, User journey, Mid-fi and high-fi prototype with user testing


My role was to conduct the research and design of a compelling responsive web page for e-commerce that works within multiple types of devices. I believe that my role was critical to its success, managing tight timelines and making design solutions, together with my teammates, based on the research.


To design an e-commerce store for a piñata store in Berlin we conducted user research, analyzed customers’ shopping journeys and developed user-centered design solutions.

Based on this we were able to create a user-centered design that made sense on both sides: the customers would be able to shop and use the site while understanding what they were supposed to do. This also ensured a high level of quality in every single step of the purchasing process.


Together with the best practices of e-commerce design, we applied Design Thinking principles like empathy, prototyping, and continuous evaluation



Categorize is Key

With a better organization of the items and the creation of new themes, the user was able to complete the task y few steps


Testing made the difference

After some testing, the design got better shaped and I was able to identify the best way to build the web page

Lo-Fi prototyping was insightfull

Sketching is a powerful tool that helps to iterate with the product and re-do it if necessary. It was used big scale boards and got collaboration with colleagues to get feedback.

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